Monday, September 26, 2005

The Church of Scientology hired a Private Investigator to get me fired from my job-

This PI shot himself hard in the foot by saying I had a warrant out for my arrest. I think you might as well capitalize on the event. I just sent out a million emails to every major news media outlet. If you feel you would like to do the same, check out this link -


Please don't do this for me. Do it to expose this con.

Please feel free to use any information I have on the letter I sent-
subject: Scientology is trying to get me fired. They hired PI's to go after me.

My name is Paul Horner and I run a website called It's a critic site of the Church of Scientology. I've always been careful to hide my real name, billing, and address from Scientology because they are a dangerous cult and have been known to do a lot of creepy things to their critics. I've been know as "Fred Durks" on my website until just a few days ago.

Last week, Russell Andrews, a Private Investigator from Triwest Investigative Services, called one of my co-workers asking questions about me. He also told him I had a warrant out for my arrest among other slanderous things about me. I immediately had my lawyer call him to tell him not to harass anybody from my company or myself. Russell Andrews then began to tell the lawyer how I have a warrant out for my arrest and I work for an Internet company that does illegal downloads. Russell Andrews also denied working for the Church of Scientology.

If you Google "Russel Andrews scientology", you can see he is in deep with the cult.

Here's some info on Russel Andrews and his ties to the Church of Scientology

This is where Russell Andrews works-
Triwest Investigative Services
1441 Huntington Drive
So. Pasadena, CA 91030 United States
Office: (323)254-5151
License Number: PI 18780
Insured?: Yes

Triwest specializes in litigation support, witness location and interviews, surveillance, backgrounds, corporate due diligence, etc. We maintain an extensive public records library and database accounts to assist in complex assignments.


Here are a couple great forums and threads going on about this topic as we speak-

>Operation Clambake


My lawyer has filed formal complaints with the 4 main bureaus in California notifying them of this PI with a license in California harassing people and working on cases in Arizona. He has also done the same in Arizona. Local Authorities have also been notified too. He's currently looking into civil action for monetary damages on this PI.

This is so far the most recent NEWS on the case-

THEY AGREED TO PURSUE OUR CLAIM AGAINST PI RUSSELL ANDREWS because he told my work I have a warrant out for my arrest.

Also, I have recieved an anonymous email talking about this PI, Russell Andrews, and that he is married to Fran Andrews. Fran Andrews is the Executive Director of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. ( This group was Established in 1969 by the Church ofScientology. The person writing me this anonymously said they live in Pasadena with their three children.

No REAL religion would hire PI's to get their critics fired from their job. I just wanted to pass along this news that is currently going on. I've left my phone number and email address at the bottom if you wish to contact me regarding any questions you may have.

-If you don't want to mess around using all the thousands of email addresses at

These do the job too-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,