Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brett Hanover, the creator of 'The Bridge', has requested this movie be removed from the internet and everywhere else. Brett made a great movie, on a "shoe string budget", and it should be seen by all. He says P.I's hired by the church have found dirt on him and he's looking at possible prison time. He wants this movie no where to be found and the whole thing to blow over as if nothing ever happened. This is "fair game" tactics by the "church" of Scientology at it's fullest. I told him it's not possible for him to control what people link to or post on their personal sites. If he wants to pull the movie on his website and what he can control, that's fine. But, I can link, post, or distribute whatever critical content of the church of Scientology I want (as long as no profit or money is being made). Brett is 18 and is getting bullied around for an EXCELLENT!!! movie that he created, the first of it's kind! (The first full length film to be released critical of the Church of Scientology) I think it needs to be celebrated and not forgotten. It doesn't matter if you like the movie or not, I think it's a major piece of history in the downfall of Scientology.

Anyway, unfortunately (for Scientology) the movie is out on the Internet and.... unfortunately (for them), I have an original copy of the bridge movie.

If anyone would like a copy of this movie in DVD quality please email me at paul@stopscientology.com

I will need your address or somewhere to send the movie. If you are a newbie unfamiliar with and who to trust here you can Google "fred durks" or check out my many websites like stopscientology.com or scientomogy.com.

If you are interested in a copy of the movie, all I ask is that you pay for whatever the shipping costs are depending on where I need to ship the video to.



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