Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Scientologists, once again (for the fourth time) shut down the Scientology critic myspace account of 'TheDarksideOfScientology'

From TheDarksideOfScientology:
"They said I violated the terms of service, of course they gave no specifics. I will continue to hound them about it. This was my Myspace account address hopefully some of you can send in some complaints as well." She goes on to say, "Also, if OSA catches this, I plan on notifying 100's of thousands of people about your CULT through the mail. I used to work for a place that generates massive mailing lists, I will start with Orange County then move to Los Angeles. I'll end up doing even more, if my account on Myspace isn't restored, this really pisses me off and that's pure motivation for me. This is the 4th time my account has been deleted and I'm more motivated now than ever. That profile had close to 100,000 hits and I had posted on many groups, potentially informing a couple million more people with links to this site, as well as XENUTV.COM. Scientology is a joke and the world is laughing at you."