Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scientology working overtime to slam Andrew Morton's new book

The 'Church' is working overtime to discredit and slam Andrew Morton's new Unauthorized Biography on Tom Cruise and Scientology. Everywhere I turn on the net for news about this book I see Blogs and websites (owned and operated by Scientologists) saying nothing but bad things about this book. I wonder if they have even read it?

This Blog by the "Church" says:

"The recent media feeding frenzy about the really badly written unauthorized biography on Tom Cruise has put attention on how the Church of Scientology is organized and run."

Really badly written? Why? How? Why don't they explain?

This person in the article goes as far as calling Andrew Morton a liar.

A lawyer for Tom Cruise said that the book is, "outrageous, sick stuff."

He goes on to say, "Clearly the book is actionable, but I'm not commenting on anything to do with legal issues." He said Cruise has no plans to read the book.

But why? Why don't these people read the book? Why don't they explain what is not factual about what is written in the book? If the book is just complete lies, then that is one thing, but if the book tells the truth and the only way to bash it is to use ad hominems and false logic then they are just doing more of what Scientology is known for. Scientology needs to change their policy of looking the other way of the truth and to stop speaking out against Entheta regardless of it's factual base.

The other news going around is the noise Scientology is making about a possible lawsuit against the publishers of Andrew Morton's book. How can you sue over the truth? You can't. So if you can't sue over facts, this must be just another attempt by the 'church' to scare would be critics and authors of future books on Tom and the 'Church'.

How can this "religion" ever become a real bona fide religion if it keeps on being so closed minded? People will forever look at Scientology as a dangerous cult until they wise up and change their evil ways.

Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about here but it seems to me the only way to be accepted by society as a real religion is to accept criticism and change their current ways, instead of doing more of the same.

Learn about the evils of Scientology and then educate others!

This is a Scientology Blog that shows Scientology videos to find out what is Scientology. One of these critical videos is the South Park Scientology episode. There is the also the "Chef returns to South Park" and "Super Best Friends or Blainetology" episodes too. You can watch all the South Park Scientology episodes at

The first critical movie of Scientology to ever to be released is the Bridge movie. Watch this and then learn about the people that have died because of Scientology like Jeremy Perkins and Lisa McPherson.

You can learn more about this cult by reading the real Religious Freedom Watch website. This is a site devoted to the critics of Scientology. Make sure you are careful when you ask questions about Scientology because you will become an enemy of the 'Church" and L. Ron Hubbard. They will make you an SP and you may become a target of "Fair Game". One of these questions they don't want you to ask is anything about is Xenu, who is the main belief of Scientology and who is in the story of OT3. It is important to learn about this dangerous cult and then educate others!