Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New website on disconnection in Scientology

Disconnection in Scientology will break up a family. Please feel free to check out our new website about disonnection at StopDisconnection.com.

It's a work in progress, so please be patient

Other domain names on Disconnection in Scientology:
This article contains a list of names The "Church" of Scientology, OSA, and The Freezone post under on this newsgroup. Some of these names are more actively used than others.

They also post under different names for other reasons. Sometimes they post under a certain name wanting the reader to conclude that the person behind that name is a Scientologist and then turn around and posts under other names wanting the reader to conclude that the person behind that name is a critic of Scientology. This is all in an attempt to manipulate the reader and to create "identity confusion". Identity confusion is one of the main weapons they use on this newsgroup to great effect.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the names the "Church" of Scientology, OSA, and the Freezone uses to post under on this newsgroup but a list of the names they use to attack critics with.

These are the names that they have been using for a long time to post under and are actively using to attack critics:

1. "Barbara Schwarz" ( Admits her support for the church
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Schwarz )

2. "TruthSeeker" - ( Paid by OSA to spam this newsgroup. Objective is to confuse newbies and knock important critical news of Scientology to the bottom. Will act as a critic but will not speak of anything critical to L Ron Hubbard, Xenu, the CBS 48 Hours episode, Scientology books etc )

3. "Bruce Benson" - ( Spams this newsgroup with anti - psychiatry news stories )

4. "Lily Firered" - ( Possible OSA or Scientologist - Spams newsgroup with nonsense and shows support of TruthSeeker )

5. "Nec_V20" - ( His only goal on this board is to derail threads and pick fights )

6. "Tom Thumb" - ( Derails threads and is angry like Nec )

7. "Trudy Johnson" - ( Spams this newsgroup with anti - psychiatry news stories )

8. "Angela Gupta" - ( Spams this newsgroup with anti - psychiatry news stories )

9. "BBICON" - ( A scientologist who is uniquely ignorant and mean-spirited. Spams this newsgroup with anti - psychiatry news stories )

10. "BB" - ( Also known as T Park or Terril Park. Promotes "wins" for the Freezone, the cult outside the "cult" )

11. "Roadrunner"

12. "Alex"

13. "Mearvk"

14. "FrozenThrone"

15. "RockSlam"

This list is not complete, currently I'm in the process of updating this list to better match the current situation on this newsgroup. They like to keep changing the names they post under so I have to keep updating the list to keep pace.

Fred Durks

Here is a list of the titles of all the articles posted earlier to this newsgroup that the Church of Scientology does not want you to read. If you're having a hard time finding them, just do a search on the title of the article within this newsgroup with your newsreader or go to google.com, select "groups" and enter the title of the article. Make sure that if you do a search on a title to leave out the quotation marks.

You can also find the articles by doing a search on parts of the title. For example, if you wanted to find the article: "Truth Seeker, what books about Scientology and Hubbard do you recommend?" you could enter the whole title in the search box or just "TruthSeeker, what books about Scientology". That is the thread TruthSeeker doesn't stay in character and outs himself as a Scientologist. Using parts of the article title can be a faster and easier way of finding the article you are looking for.

*- "Disconnection in Scientology"

*- "Books Scientology will never publish"

*- "Truth Seeker, what books about Scientology and Hubbard do you recommend?"

*- "IMPORTANT personal message for Rathbun and senior Scientology"

*- "Another source for The Bridge movie"

*- "Clearwater Politics about to implode?"

*- "Church of Scientology Front Groups"

*- "(REPOST) Links to three films the extremist anti-psychiatry"

*- "Truthseeker will not watch CBS 48 hrs Perkins tragedy"

*- "TruthSeeker, I think it's time for some new spam - TS=Co$"

*- "OSA"

*- "RPF"

*- "OMFG! Truth Seeker confesses his undying love for me"

*- "Scientology hates gay people"

*- "Thought I'd share this picture of David Miscavige and Tom Cruise"

*- "Scientology and Fair Game"

*- "The Shadowy Story Behind Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status"

*- "Websense lies about ScienTomogy"

*- "Why does TruthSeekers subjects end in a number - because he is spamming"

*- "South Park Scientology episode"

*- "Scientology talks about Disconnection"

*- "What medication should Barbara Schwarz be on"

*- "Keith Henson - Critic of the Church of Scientology"

*- "CBS 48 hours story on Jeremy Perkins"

More info on the names the Church of Scientology is posting under here: Names that the Church of Scientology is posting under

More on what is scientology at the religious freedom watch website. Check out the Bridge Movie by Brett Hanover.