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Nicole Kidman and Scientology - A simple history lesson that doesn't ad up

The "Nicole Situation" in Scientology is killing me. Here is what has led up until now.
This whole thing is about Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise, but in order to get the whole picture there is an insane amount of back story. You have no idea how Tom and Nicole have changed the history of many lives without even knowing it. Church of Scientology president, Dave Miscavige has been there, behind the scenes in Tom's life for almost two decades! This is not going to go by quickly. Better grab a drink and a snack before going at this one.

Rewind back to the Scientology Int Base in the 1990's:

Dave Miscavige has Greg Wilhere working on the Tom Cruise Project full time. Somehow, some way Tom Cruise needs to be made into a Scientologist no matter what! Mimi Rogers is not REALLY a Scientologist and just hangs with some Scientologists, but does not really attend courses or promote it at all.

Tom is heading off to shoot a race car movie. This was after he shot Born On The Fourth of July. Tom was coming to the Int Base doing his basic training courses. This was super Top Secret! Most base staff did not even know about it. It was so hush hush that you knew something was going on, but the people that were involved were made to sign a document that if they told anybody at the Base that Tom Cruise was there they had to pay a $50,000 fine and if they told somebody off the base, they had to pay $250,000. Bruce Hines can tell you about this, he was involved in the Top Secret courseroom that was set-up in the LRH Music Studio Conference room where Tom studied. Okay, so up until now, Tom has been coming to the base on his own and virtually unseen by anybody working there and not directly involved with his activities.

Tom Cruise goes off to shoot his race car movie.

Summer 1990 and the shit starts hitting the fan. Out of nowhere the G Units (small houses at the far end of the property near the Gold golf course) have to be completely renovated and staffed with services people, new flowers planted yadda yadda blah blah. This area is at the far ass end of the property without proper irrigation, soil etc. This is in the middle of the desert for the most part and to make this area look nice is not a small task.

When the first all hands gets called for staff to muster out by the G's the staff start to know something is up.

The staff are basically told that the G's are going to get done no matter what and all of the grounds around the G's will also be properly upgraded.
All hands would lead into the night and morning would come with staff still planting, cleaning, painting, ditch digging, curb painting, etc. You name it, it was being done.

Weeks and weeks worth of work would get done with all hands being called at any time. Some nights you would be heading for the 11PM bus home for the night, and a muster would get called. All hands for 3 hours before anyone secured for the night. 3 hours turned to all night and everyone back to post in the morning. Good thing no post time was spent on all hands!

Up until this point, no one really knows why the hell we are even making these stupid little houses such a freakin' paradise.

August 10th 1990 -

Anyone who spent anytime at the base now reading this knows this date. This is the day that the Int base started down the tragic path the it still trods down today.

Summers are unusually SUPER HOT at the Int-Base. 115 degrees is not uncommon during the day in the summer. Mid-afternoon with the 115 degree weather and all of the sudden the sky clouded up and within 60 minutes, there was 3 inches of water falling ONLY on the Int Base. It did not rain in Hemet. It did not rain in San Jacinto, but it rained more than it had the entire year in all of LA, all in a few minutes.

So much water had come down so quickly, winds had blown over huge trees, mud had poured down the mountain, and building were damaged across the entire base. The entire base was in "whites" when this went down. White shirts, white PANTS, white shoes and socks. People were running all over the place trying to salvage whatever they could. Muddy uniforms were a sign you had at least tried to do something to stop the widespread destruction.

Within an hour after the "flood" as it would eternally referred to, rumors were flying on what damage had been done. The water tower at the top of the hill was dented. The Cine Gym had a ton of broken tiles from a tree that fell. The Villas (RTC) had been flooded. Qual flooded, Del Sol Flooded, electricity was out all over the place, The Garage (Estates) flooded, and the mountain above the G Units turned to mud, rolled down the hill, across the highway, pushed over the wrought iron fence and flooded the G-Units!

Dave would hold an all base muster in MCI where he would assign GOLD a Condition of Confusion. He yelled so loud and so long at the entire crew that 2 people fainted during his tirade! When I say fainted, I mean fall down out cold, get carried out, fainted.

The flood was the straw that pushed Dave over the edge. He had been working his master plan for months on getting Scientology to the next level and his Tom Cruise plan was being completely killed by the Int Base. He had nowhere to bring Tom Cruise to show him how super duper Scientology was except for the Int Base and now that was destroyed.

Dave had basically put all staff on notice that the whole place was to get back to and beyond where it had been before the flood had occurred and until then it would be unbearable to be there.

15 minute meal breaks
Schedule extended to 8AM-12AM work days
If you are late to any muster - you stay up all night doing amends
If you are late a second time, you get assigned to the PAC RPF.
A list was issued of all of the items that had to be completed in order for the base to be upgraded out of lower conditions.

For the first week after the flood, most people did not go home. If you were lucky, you fell asleep somewhere and were smart enough to tell someone to wake you up for a muster.

At least 10 people would blow, 10 more would go to the RPF, 5 more would route out and generally the place was a hell to exist in.

After a few weeks the crew would adjust to the no sleep, short meals and miserable existence. This would groom them for the next 18 years at the Int Base.

Now we come to the stories that have been on the net for years. Tom and Nicole running in the fields with the flowers beneath them. This is all TRUE. Staying up for days planting these fields for what reason, no one knew. Then the Int Base would start to understand why Dave was so pissed.

Tom had dumped Mimi Rogers and had a new younger girl. Dave wanted Tom to come to the Base, but now Tom had another person who was also new to Scientology that he had to convert. This would take a better, bigger Int Base with more luxury items to compare with the lifestyles of Hollywood types.

With Nicole Kidman in tow, Tom's visits were no longer so confined and he regularly had the run of the place. He would watch full length feature films in the Rushes Theater (where Cine dailies were shown)
Drive his TW motorcycle all over the base, and now he and Nicole were making out all over the place.

He even had a brand new Mercedes delivered to Nicole for her birthday at the Int Base. It arrived on a flatbed truck and he gave it to her (the car) right there is the middle of the base right down by the main booth.

They were like teenagers running around the base having fun. Dave's plan was working. They could do anything they wanted and no one seemed to pay any attention to them or even bother them. Dave would watch movies with them sometimes and they would dine in the officer's lounge in MCI.

Greg Wilhere was their host and no matter what they did, Greg was either with them or watching over them making sure that everything was perfect.

Greg had actually been with Tom and Nicole on the set of Days of Thunder. Greg got to know them very well and hung out with them full time. Tom even changed one of the names of one of the characters in Days of Thunder to Dr. Wilhaire as a joke for Greg.

Greg was now well on his way to being the big dog with Tom on his way to becoming the next major celeb in Scientology. But until Tom was through a lot of courses and REALLY on board, he was not to tell anybody about the involvement in Scientology and Nicole would now ALSO have to get involved as well in order for it all to work properly.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman would come to the Int Base every now and then and both would study in the Music Studio Conference room that had been converted to a Celebrity Courseroom. Nicole was twinned with Michelle Yager on the PTS/SP course. Tom Cruise was twinned with Al Mace on the Academy Levels. Even Kirstie Alley would sometimes be on course when Tom was there. Kirstie was NEVER on course at the Int base, but when Tom Cruise would show up, she would get dragged up there as a prop to be in there so it was not like other celebs "weren't coming up to Int as well?"

Things were looking good. Tom is warming up to Scientology and Nicole seems to be on board as well.

Hopefully things work out with Nicole. Mimi Rogers did not last long after Dave Miscavige decided she was not REALLY a Scientologist and with her in the mix, Tom would NEVER become a REAL scientologists either. She had to go. Funny how Tom was able to hook up with Nicole and Mimi just disappeared out of his life. Well that's where Greg Wilhere comes into play, behind the scenes weaving the web and setting things up in the background. How is one of the top executives in all of Scientology is playing celebrity match maker? You have no idea!

Nicole and Tom get married in Colorado and who attends the wedding? Dave Miscavige from and Greg Wilhere from Scientology.

Years and several Int Base visits would go by and finally Tom would arrive at OT 3. Nicole would never get past a few basic courses. This is when things would get ugly. Tom gets to OT 3 and disappears into his own world again. Tom basically was like "WTF???????" years of this shit and now you are telling me that this whole thing is about fucking space aliens?!?!?!?!
Even though he could not tell Nicole about the space aliens, she was very content to walk away from the Scienos and was basically doing whatever Tom wanted her to.

Tom and Dave had a huge argument when Dave tried to shove some KSW shit down Tom's throat, Tom said that he was going to taking a break. Ever wonder how he ended up doing so many movies that were like "how could he do that movie is he is supposedly a Scientologist?" well, he wasn't, he decided that Scientology was a bunch of crap. He was going to turn his back on Dave and his cronies. Greg was nuked for screwing the Tom project up and would shortly after be sent off to the Freewinds to watch Marty Rathbun that had just blown the Base and was very unstable. They would however, both come into play years later.

For most, the Tom Cruise project had run its course and ended up on the rocks.

Years would go by and nothing on Tom was heard. He just stopped being a Scientologist.

Now most people knew that Tom could not have kids when he was married to Mimi Rogers. They were not married that long, but one of the "reasons" why Tom divorced her was that she could not have children and he wanted to start a family.

Well, when he Nicole had tried for many years, it appeared that it was him who could not have kids as Nicole was not getting pregnant either. Sure enough tests proved this to be the case. Adoption would be the only way.


So now we fast forward to the moment that turned it all around and for the most part is the exact moment when Scientology would do itself in without even knowing it. Years had passed since Tom had even spoken with anyone about Scientology or even been anywhere near the subject.

Several people had been installed within Tom's staff and personal infrastructure so that the Church would be able to keep tabs on what was happening with him and know when they would be able to make their move to get him back. That moment had come.

Nicole had been shooting Moulin Rouge and somehow she managed to get more than a few scenes shot. She was pregnant! But Tom cannot have kids - right? So again here is Tom saying WTF? Bitch!!!

Dave gets the Nicole intel and works fast. Marty Rathbun from Scientology is sent in to meet up with Tom and feed him a whole story about how Nicole was his SP and that she was ruining his life and basically a total ho bag. Of course Tom agrees with this under the circumstances. Marty offers to take Tom is session and do some repair auditing and get him patched up.

Before you know it, Tom is divorcing Nicole and all out of nowhere he completes OT 4 with Marty auditing him! Now the church and Int Base staff are saying WTF? Where has he been the last 8 years? All of the sudden he is a Scientologist and Nicole is out of there? How? Why? Bizarre, but okay if he's back, he's back.

Turns out that Nicole can't just get declared an SP as that might run a bit odd in the press (KSW has clauses for this of course) Anyway. Nicole gets told, if you want to see the kids that they have now adopted, you cannot say shit about Scientology or Tom period. If you say anything, the kids are with Tom and that is the end of that.

Now Tom is at the Int - Base all the time, he is doing events, he is getting auditing, all over the place, He starts dumping insane money (50-100 million) into Scientology, he is just everywhere.
Dave and him are hanging out at soccer games, racing motorbikes, flying all over the place in Tom's private jets etc.

There are a ton of stories that could fill this section, but we will stick to the main subject matter here, Scientology and how getting Tom Cruise laid is on their top priority list!

Now Tom is REALLY a Scientologists and Dave Miscavige and him are best buddies. What does a real buddy do, he acts as your wingman and helps you get some tail every once in awhile.

But now we have been through two women and neither had proved to be a good choice in terms of the Scientology angle so Dave wanted to at least limit Tom to Scientologist tail. He basically went over this with Tom and it was agreed, Tom went along with it.

Tom actually ended up dating a Spanish gal he met in Spain while opening up a new org there with Dave. She was a Spanish actress and a total fox. This was kept so hush hush, nobody had even noticed her on the Tom Cruise map. Good thing because when the church decided to dig up some info on the girl, turns out she had a bit of a shady past, a bit of girl on girl action, some soft core porn stuff and basically she would not live up to the microscopic scrutiny that the world would put her under as a Scientologist and Tom Cruise's new gal pal. She was outta' there!

Well, Tom needed a girl and between Dave Miscavige and him, they were not coming up with anything workable, so -- time to bring in the expert. Greg Wilhere was brought in for this job again. He had done it before, he just needed to qualify the girl a bit better this time.

It was agreed that they needed a foxy Scientologist that was on purpose, in ethics, yadda yadda blah blah. They set-up an audition unit at CC int that called in just about every Scientology actress anywhere under the sun, moon and stars. The "audition" was for a possible part in a Tom Cruise movie and several personal questions were asked about the person and what they thought of Tom, Scientology etc.

Video tapes would get made daily of the auditions and sent up to Dave to review. This went on for weeks. Well, it turns out that no girl in Scientology was good enough for Tom. All auditions were rejected. They would need to fish outside the pond for this one.

Plan B - Who do you want? This was the question Dave asked him. If you could have any girl, which one would you want? We will make her a Scientologist!

Well Tom Cruise wanted one girl more than any other - Jennifer Garner.

"How do we get to Jennifer Garner? Somebody who knows Jennifer? Good idea - who do we know that knows Jennifer? JJ Abrams!!! He does the Alias shows with her. Let's have him do a project! We already have a director for the next Mission Impossible installment, damn! I've got it, we will fire the current director that is contracted to do the movie and get JJ on board. Once JJ is on board we will get Jennifer on board and that's it -we have her!"

So once JJ Abrams is on board, Tom finds out from JJ that Jennifer Garner has a big thing for tigers. Tom figures this is a sure way to get her. What does he do, he buys here a freakin' tiger. Not a tiger skin, not a tiger stuffed animal toy, a real live freakin’ TIGER in a cage and all.

Jennifer is so freaked out that she thinks Tom is nuts! Turns out the tiger was not the best idea.

Who is next on the wish list? Scarlett Johansson!
We all know about that story. One meeting at CC Int and she was history.
Awesome factoid: Scarlett did not star in MI:3 because she was shooting another movie - The Island - which just happened to star the same actor that supposedly boned down on Tom's last wife! Karma baby! Damn that dude is out to get Tom!

Okay, Greg Wilhere is now flying back and forth between LA and New York interviewing actresses and trying to get Tom some tail. Somehow Katie Holmes ends up on the list and the rest is history.

Now hear is the part that baffles all logic and only Tom, Katie and Tom's lawyer know the truth behind this. If Tom cannot have kids with Mimi Rogers who now has two kids from a latter marriage, and Tom cannot have kids with Nicole whose pregnancy was reason for their divorce, then how does he manage to get Katie Holmes pregnant 2 hours into their relationship?????

Maybe the kid that Nicole was carrying was Tom's!!! But she was really sleeping around and could not deny it. Either way, all the stress killed the baby and we will never know.

So that brings us to the current situation. Is Nicole up in arms because the kids are basically turning into Scientologists anyway. What does she have to lose?

And where the hell did Suri come from? That is a damn good question.
I bet you would like to know.

I will save that for another post.

Until next time...

Author: BlownForGood from OCMB

Nicole Kidman: I've lost my kids to Scientology

Nicole Kidman speaks out against Scientology

The actress reveals her heartbreak as Isabella and Connor choose Tom Cruise's Scientology "religion" over their mother.

Nicole Kidman has finally spoken of her anguish over her estrangement from her two Scientology-raised children and her feelings of failure as a mother. She is also threatening to reveal the darkest secrets of her marriage to ex-husband Tom Cruise.

With her adopted kids Isabella, 14, and Connor, 12, preferring to stay in the US with their Scientology minders rather than visit their own mother in Australia, Nicole has alluded to her antipathy towards the controversial religion.

"I don't want to be the one discussing Scientology," a wounded Nicole warily told US magazine Vanity Fair when asked about her children's indoctrination during her latest interview. "My kids want to live in LA and they're at a certain age where they dig in their heels."

While Isabella and Connor briefly visited their mum in Australia earlier this year, they have chosen to spend their holidays at a Church of Scientology camp in Oregon.

A former Scientologist says the camp in Portland, where the kids are holed up, is really an intense learning program for Scientology teachings. "The summer camp is part of Scientology's get-them-while-they're-young campaign," says the ex-member.

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