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Where is Scientologists and OSA leader Mike Rinder? OVER one year missing and still no word

On Oct 29, 7:11 am, wrote:
> Anyone know what happened to Mike Rinder. His profile is still up as
> head of OSA.

I've been keeping this page bookmarked
and I check it at least a couple times a week. It's always still up but
nothing is ever different. It's been like this for a year now since
he dropped off radar.

This is a weird situation to me which does not make any sense.
Scientologists, wogs, OSA etc, can someone please shed some light on
all of this? Scientology, we ALL know you follow these boards daily.
We know that you know about the websites, forums, newsletters etc.
dedicated to finding about this "Missing person". No other real
"religion" would leave people in the lurch like this. People are
genuinely concerned about Mr. Rinder's whereabouts.

Scientology, I beg of you to please take two seconds to release a PR
to let everyone know he's not dead. You don't even even have to
mention anything except maybe his current activities - Spin it however
you want. By you not doing this it makes you seem bigger and more
evil than the criminal organization you already are. YOU ARE SCARING
PEOPLE with this Rinder situation!


I just gotta say, brilliant marketing fellas!

Please leave a comment below if you know anything and that's anything associated to the whereabouts all OSA/Scientology leader Mike Rinder. You can email me by remaining anonymous to or contact the local authorities. Thank you!

Petition to revoke Tom Cruises American citizenship

A little known Congressional act from 1843 states that "whereupon a petition is signed for the removal of an individual citizenship, and that petition contains no less than 50,000 signatures by registered citizens of the United States, the citizenship of the individual shall be removed and that citizen shall be escorted out of the country by military force no less than 24 hours after the last signature is verified."

Mr. Cruise is using his media attention to promote an evil cult, Scientology, to the American public. Scientology is a cult and it kills. He is using his fame to lure younger adults to this evil cult, and America will not sit back and take this. His weird behavior of lately and bashing of Brooke Shields on prescription drugs show America that he doesn't want to be here. He said he doesn't want to raise his kids in this country and I think we should help him out on leaving as soon as possible.

Tom Cruise, I think I speak for all decent-minded Americans when I say that you have wore out your welcome here, and now it's time to pack your shit (Pack your shit, LOL! - get it).

Click here to sign the petition to revoke Tom Cruises American citizenship
(Almost 4,000 unique signatures and climbing)

Tom Cruise Sues Disney over Butt Plug Image of himself

The only thing really making money with Scientology and Tom Cruise sues over it. He has learned well from Scientology about being retarded sue happy. Sorry to all the retarded people out there, it's not cool I clumped you in the same category as this super retard.

Scientology Tom Cruise Butt Plug story from:

HOLLYWOOD - Tom Cruise has filed a $50-million lawsuit against Disney
subsidiary Holesome Fun Incorporated, the world's largest manufacturer
of sex toys, over the company's alleged unauthorized use of his image
on its new Mission Insertable butt plug.

Mr. Cruise is also demanding "the immediate and complete withdrawal"
of the Mission Insertable butt plug from Holesome Fun's Dark Side of
the Moon catalog and from any and all persons "currently harboring"
this device.

"My client is tired of being the butt of jokes about his sexuality,"
said Mr. Cruise' attorney Marvin Keister. "The Mission Insertable butt
plug is offensive not only on its face but also in its subversion of
an orifice that Scientologists believe is next to godliness.

"L. Ron Hubbard taught Scientologists to respect their large-and their
small-colons as the pathway to better physical and mental health; and
although Mr. Cruise endorses regular high colonic cleansing and
Vitamin K enemas, he is offended by the notion of butt plugs in
general and of those with his face on them in particular."

Trey Guccione, CEO of Holesome Fun, responded angrily to Mr. Cruise'

"Like I'm sure Tom's never been shitfaced before," said Mr. Guccione.
"He can take his lawsuit, hold it sideways, and stick it where the sun
don't shine."

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The device at the bottom of this controversy is a 3-inch silicone
statuette designed to be inserted into the anus and rectum for sexual
pleasure. A butt plug can be inserted during sex or it can be worn
while its user is gardening, shopping, or attending the theater.

Butt plugs, which can be worn by men or women, gay or straight, were
invented in Greece about 350 BCE. Since then butt plugs have been worn
by historical figures (Alexander the Great, Hannibal, and Julius
Caesar), musicians (Tchaikovsky, Boy George, and Mick Jagger), and
opinion shapers (Gertrude Stein, Barney Frank, and Matt Drudge).

George Washington is rumored to have been wearing a wooden butt plug
when he crossed the Delaware to attack the Hessians at Trenton. That,
according to some Washington scholars, explains why he was standing up
in the boat during the crossing.

In related news, 17 percent of the respondents to a recent Postcards
from the Pug Bus poll believe Tom Cruise was fired by Paramount
because of his penchant for wearing butt plugs.

Full image:

Fun Scientology Links:

Boycott Mission Impossible 3 petition:

Revoke The 'Church' of Scientology's tax exempt status petition:

Petition to revoke Tom Cruises citizenship:

Petition to revoke the 'Church' of Scientology tax-exemption status

Sign our petition to revoke the 'Church' of Scientology tax-exempt status. Once the Scientology's tax exempt status is removed, this lame "So called religion" will be nothing more than a Dungeons and Dragons club full of nerds who follow the teachings of a space cadet. L. Ron Hubbard who beat woman and molested little boys currently has a following with %92 of them still living at home with mommy and since they are unemployed, the highlight of the day consists of chore time, taking out the trash, cleaning their room, reading Dianetic books and masturbating to pictures of L Ron Hubbard above their bed using tears for lubrication.


We believe The Church of Scientology is a cult and not a religion, because of this, the Internal Revenue Service should cancel their current tax-exempt status. They should not enjoy tax-exempt status similar to that of other religions, houses of worship, and legitimate social service and educational organizations.

We feel the cult was created by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard as a scam to become a millionaire. We, the undersigned, allege that the Church of Scientology and their affiliate organizations are involved in a multitude of illegal activities, including, but not limited to, perjury, subornation of perjury, murder, harboring a fugitive, harassment, treason, practicing medicine without a license, hate crimes, battery, assault, negligence, violations of international law and other crimes.

If you agree, please add your name and contact information below. Your "signature" will be used to encourage U.S. government officials to take action. The Church of Scientology has previously been investigated by the IRS and with Tom Cruise so wildly promoting this cult; I believe this is the perfect time to make your opinion known.

Note: We will not sell or otherwise transfer your personal information to any business, organization, or government agency.

I, the undersigned, urge the United States Treasury Department to cancel the tax-exempt status currently extended to The Church of Scientology and its affiliated organizations under Section 501(c) of the U.S. Treasury Code.

By repeatedly and continuously showing signs of being a cult, The Church of Scientology has demonstrated that it is incapable of conducting itself in a manner expected of nonprofit groups receiving federal tax subsidies.

- Petition created and promoted by Paul Horner AKA "Fred Durks"

Click here to sign our petition to "Revoke the 'Church' of Scientology's tax exempt status"

Fun fact: This petition has almost 7,000 unique verified signatures and climbing. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!

How YOU can help in stopping this criminal organization called the 'Church' of Scientology

The 'Church' of Scientology is the biggest global scam currently known to man, and it's accepted by the US government along with many other countries all over the world. Something must be done to put an end to this madness. YOU CAN HELP!

Sign the petition to have The Church of Scientology tax-exemption status removed!

Sign the petition to boycott Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible 3

Sign the petition to revoke Tom Cruises American Citizenship!

Write your local Congressperson and educate them about the evils of Scientology.

Boycott The Church of Scientology's celebrities and companies!

Boycott Tom Cruise

Boycott Mission Impossible 3 along with any other movies Tom Cruise is in. See the movie if you have to, but don't pay to see it. By paying to see it you are giving money to Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is the largest contributor to the 'Church' of Scientology. If you pay to see his movies you are directly funding an evil cult.

Free Xenu!


Excerpts taken from the good folks over at

+++ Please feel free to add more ideas in the comment section of this Blog on how to stop Scientology and I will update it ASAP here along with the ScienTOMogy website(s). Thanks a bunch!

Boycott Tom Cruise and his movies!

Tom Cruise and

1. Tom Cruise earns his income from acting in movies.

2. Tom Cruises uses his wealth and fame to spread the gospel of L. Ron Hubbard, which gospel includes these tenets:

A. L. Ron Hubbard is God. He is considered to have been the reincarnation of Buddha.

B. Man's problems stems from Body Thetans (BT's) and these BT's were caused by an evil galactic overlord.

C. For $360,000 and perhaps 10 - 20 years of your life, Scientology can rid you of Body Thetans. In OT VIII, you will reportedly cognate that L. Ron Hubbard is God or the anti-christ. OT8 is a little tough reading considering L Ron Hubbard was hopped up plenty of psychedelic drugs along with pinks, greys and rum when he wrote it.

D. Psychiatry is evil. Scientology is engaged in an ethnic cleansing program against psychiatry and psychiatrists. Scientology wishes to financially destroy and imprison psychiatrists and to outlaw psychiatry. Scientology calls psychology the "cousin of psychiatry" and intends also to destroy psychology and to imprison psychologists.

E. Scientology has the intent to destroy psychiatry and to make itself the sole provider of mental health on the planet. Scientology's mental health program is a $360,000 therapy based around Body Thetans.

F. Tom Cruise believes in an alien named Xenu and is taught in OT3, which turns out to be the core belief in Scientology. This is the reason Scientology charges hundreds of thousands of dollars for auditing - To get rid of all the space cooties attached to your body.

3. Tom is the largest single financial contributor to Scientology at $3.5 million and counting.

4. There are dozens of documented lies told by L. Ron Hubbard told and Tom Cruise is either ignorant of them or perhaps helps to cover them up. For example, Hubbard claimed to have won two Purple Hearts in WWII when he never saw one single day of combat. In fact, Hubbard claimed to have won 29 medals in WWII, including the Bronze Star. This "stolen valor" is a disgrace and yet Tom Cruise, who played an American Navy aviator in Top Gun, has never denounced Hubbard for this horrendous lie of claiming twice to have been wounded in combat. This does not make Tom Cruise a friend of the US Military, the men and women of whom are even now fighting and dying in Iraq. It is clear that Tom Cruise, like LRH before him, is eager to drape himself in the glory, suffering, and blood of the US military if it will help him make millions of dollars, increase his fame, and spread the Gospel of Scientology.

LRH also claimed to have been a nuclear physicist when in fact he was a college drop-out. More significantly, LRH was an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest ever domestic espionage case in American history in which eleven of Hubbard's top aides went to prison while Hubbard remained in hiding. Astonishingly, while L. Ron Hubbard declared a jihad on psychiatry, the San Luis Obispo coroner found the psychiatric drug Vistaril in Hubbard's blood during a post-mortem exam. The lies in Hubbard's life go on and on and on. Does Tom Cruise want to know the truth about LRH? Or can Tom Cruise not handle the truth about LRH?

5. If you pay to see MI3, some of the money Tom Cruise receives will make its way to Scientology and will help to finance Scientology's disturbing goals furthering the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, a man whose lies have been repeatedly exposed. Tom Cruise is either ignorant of Hubard's dozens of major lies or chooses to sweep them under the rug as a dutiful Scientologist. Hubbard's teachings shockingly include a clear call for a genocide against all people who are at 2.0 or below on Hubbard's Tone Scale and who cannot be raised above 2.0 by Scientology processing. Does Tom Cruise know about Hubbard's call for genocide or does he participate in some kind of cover up?

This is not even a boycott per se. It is simply about making a choice to spend your entertainment dollar to watch a great movie that stars an actor who is more humane and compassionate than Tom Cruise. It is about calling Tom Cruise to account for his hostile attitudes towards non-Scientologists who do not share his belief in L. Ron Hubbard as God, his faith in Scientology's teachings, or his insistence that people should not be allowed to make their own medical choices based upon the advice of their own doctor and their own research.

This has nothing to do with hurting the movie industry or the people in front of the camera or behind the camera. This is only about Tom Cruise and his attempts to force his very dangerous religious beliefs upon the public. For example, people have expressed concern for Katie Holmes and the "quiet birth" of Suri that L. Ron Hubbard insisted upon. That should not concern people. What should concern people is that Hubbard taught, and Hubbard's word is sacred scripture in Scientology, that infants must be fed a mixture of barley water and honey. It is a medical fact that it is very dangerous to feed babies honey as their bodies can't break down honey. Yet Hubbard taught that babies be fed honey and barley water instead of being breastfed as Nature intended. Hubbard also taught that cigarette smoking was good for the body as it "ran out" radiation and incipient cancers. Look, Tom Cruise can believe whatever he wants, but one can easily see that Hubbard's dangerous "nutritional" advice for infants could harm Tom and Katie's new baby.

This action is meant simply to send Tom Cruise a message: The public does not support the goals of Scientology nor your behavior. For example, it was wrong of you to publicly condemn Brooke Shields for using anti-depressants to treat her post-partum depression. Tom, who are you to think less of Brooke Shields? You are not a medical doctor. Psychiatrists, however, are medical doctors, Tom. They are qualified to diagnose and treat medical problems such as depression and you are not Mr. Cruise!

Scientology is dead wrong when it says that there is no science behind psychiatry. Scientology is also dead wrong when it says that it is a science. Despite the facts, Tom Cruise says that psychiatry is a fiction and that Scientology is a science. Tom Cruise can believe whatever he wants; the problem is that he is forcing his beliefs on people and he may even harm people by convincing them not to take the medicines their doctors prescribed. It is not acceptable for an actor to give medical advice nor to condemn an entire field of medicine based upon his very esoteric religious beliefs, which beliefs concern themselves with Body Thetans and Xenu.

Tom Cruise can put an end to this whole matter in the next few weeks by making a very simple public statement to the effect that he supports the right of each person to make medical choices appropriate to their own lives and that he does not support Scientology's goal to destroy psychiatry, financially ruin and imprison psychiatrists, and make Scientology the only mental health care provider on Earth. If Tom can't do this, then the public needs to know that Tom Cruise supports these goals of Scientology.

Essentially, what is being said is that the public loves movies and movie stars. We always have and always will. And we have choices of which movies and which movie stars we want to pay our money to see. What has happened is that Tom Cruise the shrill Scientologist has eclipsed Tom Cruise the actor. Thus, Tom won't be believable as Ethan Hunt in MI3 because the audience will be thinking of Tom the Scientologist who yelled at Brooke Shields, called Matt Lauer glib and insinuated that he was stupid, and jumped on Oprah's sofa.

MI3 may well determine Tom's career as a movie star. If Tom wants a fight with the public over our right to make our own health care decisions, then this is not really an actor whose next movie we care to see. If Tom wants to argue with the public that psychiatry is not a science but that Scientology is, people will doubt his intellect and wonder if he has gone off the deep end.

To Don Carlo's point, there are other great movies and great stars. People can buy a movie ticket at a cineplex to see any number of movies, Instead of plopping down your hard-earned money to see Tom Cruise and thereby help support Scientology and it aims, you can just go into a different theater at the cineplex. Go enjoy some popcorn, a movie, and a movie star that you like more than Tom Cruise and Scientology.

We as consumers of movies have choices. When we find actors to be personally offensive, we don't pay money to see their movies. The producers of MI3 knew they were taking a risk when, after watching Tom Cruise hijack the publicity tour of WOTW, still decided to green light MI3. That decision is not the public's responsibility. We owe the producers of MI3 nothing. If anything, they need to set boundaries for Tom and not allow him and Scientology to hijack MI3 as happened with WOTW.


Church of Scientology
Flag Service Organization
(hereinafter referred to as "the Church")
Agreement and General Release
Regarding Spiritual Assistance

1. I, ___________________________________, recognize, acknowledge and agree that I am exclusively responsible for my present and future condition in life and for the choices and decisions I make affecting my life. With that in mind, and solely of my own volition and in the independent exercise of my own free will, I am voluntarily signing and submitting to CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY ___________________________________ (hereinafter the "Church") this AGREEMENT AND GENERAL RELEASE REGARDING SPIRITUAL ASSISTANCE (hereinafter this "Contract") so that, upon its acceptance by the Church, I may participate in Scientology Religious Services and spiritual assistance under the terms, conditions, covenants, waivers and releases I agree to by signing this contract, and by doing so, I specifically acknowledge and reaffirm all other waivers, releases and agreements I have signed with any Church of Scientology.

2. This contract is my statement of my personal understanding concerning Scientology religious tenets and my statements reflecting my own beliefs and desires. By signing this Contract, I recognize, acknowledge and agree that:

a. Scientology is a religion, the Church is a church of the Scientology religion and all the services and activities of the Scientology religion are exclusively religious in nature.

b. Scientology is unalterably opposed, as a matter of religious belief, to the practice of psychiatry, and espouses as a religious belief that the study of the mind and the healing of mentally caused ills should not be alienated from religion or condoned in nonreligious fields. I am in full agreement with this religious belief. I do not believe in or subscribe to psychiatric labels for individuals It is my strongly held religious belief that all mental problems are spiritual in nature and that there is no such thing as a mentally incompetent person-- only those suffering from spiritual upset of one kind or another dramatized by an individual. I reject all psychiatric labels and intend for this Contract to clearly memorialize my desire to be helped exclusively through religious, spiritual means and not through any form of psychiatric treatment, specifically including involuntary commitment based on so-called lack of competence. Under no circumstances, at any time, do I wish to be denied my right to care from members of my religion to the exclusion of psychiatric care or psychiatric directed care, regardless of what any psychiatrist, medical person, designated member of the state or family member may assert supposedly on my behalf. If circumstances should ever arise in which government, medical or psychiatric officials or personnel or family members or friends attempt to compel or coerce or commit me for psychiatric evaluation, treatment or hospitalization, I fully desire and expect that the Church or Scientologists will intercede on my behalf to oppose such efforts and/or extricate me from that predicament so my spiritual needs may be addressed in accordance with the tenets of the Scientology religion.

c. As I so strongly disagree, as a matter of religious principle, with the use of psychiatric treatment for anyone, including myself, I reject the usage of psychiatric labels and I believe in assisting individuals through religious and spiritual means. Therefore, I am hereby specifying that should I get into a situation in the future, unlikely as it is, where others may think that I need psychiatric treatment of any kind, that I instead desire to receive Scientology spiritual assistance and that it can include, but is not limited to, the Introspection Rundown. Further, I realize that in the future it may consequently be suggested by a senior Scientology minister, should the need arise, that I receive such spiritual assistance, and again, I want to make it clear that under such circumstances I desire to receive Scientology Spiritual Assistance, which may include, but not be limited to, the Introspection Rundown.

d. The Scientology religion teaches that the spirit can be saved and that the spirit alone may save or heal the body, and the Introspection Rundown is intended to save the spirit. I understand that the Introspection Rundown is an intensive, rigorous Religious Service that includes being isolated from all sources of potential spiritual upset, including but not limited to family members, friends or others with whom I might normally interact. As part of the Introspection Rundown, I specifically consent to Church members being with me 24 hours a day at the direction of my Case Supervisor, in accordance with the tenets and custom of the Scientology religion. The Case Supervisor will determine the time period in which I will remain isolated, according to the beliefs and practices of the Scientology religion. I further specifically acknowledge that the duration of any such isolation is uncertain, determined only by my spiritual condition, but that such duration will be completely at the discretion of the Case Supervisor. I also specifically consent to the presence of Church members around the clock for whatever length of time is necessary to perform the Introspection Rundown's processes and to achieve the spiritual results of the Introspection Rundown. I understand, acknowledge and agree that the Introspection Rundown addresses only the individual's spiritual needs and I freely consent, without reservation, and without condition or limitation, to Church members conducting the Introspection Rundown, and that I accept and assume all known and unknown risks of injury, loss, or damage resulting from my decision to participate in the Introspection Rundown and specifically absolve all persons and entities from all liabilities of any kind, without limitation, associated with my participation or their participation in my Introspection Rundown.


I sign this Agreement and General Release Regarding Spiritual Assistance on this __ day of _________, 20__, intending to be legally bound to it, and request that I be permitted to participate in spiritual assistance.




(Printed Full Name)


(Home Address)




(Printed Full Name)


(Home Address)




(Printed Full Name)

Having reviewed the above Agreement and General Release for spiritual assistance, including, but not limited to the Introspection Rundown, the Church, in reliance upon, and conditioned upon, the truthful promises, representation and agreements made therein, on this ___ day of _______, 20__, accepts _________________ for participation in spiritual assistance in the future as needed.

CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY ____________________________________

By its: _____________________________________________


(SIGNATURE) _________________________________________________

© 2001 CSFSO all rights reserved. Flag Service Org Corporate symbol SCIENTOLOGY and INTROSPECTION RUNDOWN are trademarks & service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission SCIENTOLOGISTS is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology. Services relating to Scientology religious philosophy are delivered throughout the world exclusively by licensees of the Church of Scientology International with the permission of Religious Technology Center holder of the SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS trademarks. Printed in U S A
How can this document be considered anything except inhumane? It is the ultimate CYA document for a brutal cult and is morally reprehensible. I think a court would find it invalid on its face.

-J. Swift

Petition to revoke Tom Cruises citizenship

Petition to revoke the 'Church' of Scientology's tax exempt status

Boycott The 'Church' of Scientology and ALL of it's celebrities!

Boycott the Church of Scientology!

Scientology is an evil cult that is destroying many people's lives. Tom Cruise is promoting this cult to young kids and adults all around the world. Major corporate companies are affiliated with the Church of Scientology as business fronts. This makes the church appear more legitimate than it really is. This is one of the many ways that they recruit new members to the church. I say boycott all celebrities and companies involved with Scientology.

A percentage of the money made by these celebrities and corporate institutions ends up in one of the many bank accounts held by the Church of Scientology.
Maybe we can't put the Church of Scientology out of business, but we can limit their spending on spreading its virus to others.

:: Here is a current list of celebrity Scientologists ::

* Kirstie Alley, actress
* Anne Archer, actress
* Jennifer Aspen, actress
* Jason Beghe, actor
* Catherine Bell, actress
* Karen Nelson Bell, producer, director and musician
* Karen Black, actress (later repudiated Scientology)
* Mary Bono, congresswoman
* Sonny Bono, artist and congressman
* William S. Burroughs, author, Beat Generation icon (later denounced Scientology)
* David Campbell, musician
* Nancy Cartwright, voiceover artist
* Kate Ceberano, actress and musician
* Erika Christensen, actress
* Chick Corea, musician
* Tom Cruise, actor - Made %23 of the money made fro MI3 - Boycott Mission Impossible III
* Dave Davies, musician
* Sky Dayton, founder and Chairman of the Board of EarthLink
* Jason Dohring, actor
* Jenna Elfman, actress, and her husband Bodhi, actor
* Werner Erhard, ex-Scientologist who founded est
* Michael Fairman, actor
* Beck Hansen, (Beck) musician
* Isaac Hayes, musician, actor
* Katie Holmes, actress
* Nicky Hopkins, musician
* L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology
* Mark Isham, musician
* Beck, musician
* Jim Johnson, owner of Mr. Jim's Pizza chain
* Joshua Klesel, former congressman
* Jason Lee, actor and professional skateboarder
* Geoffrey Lewis, actor
* Juliette Lewis, actress (daughter of Geoffrey)
* Peggy Lipton, actress
* Courtney Love, musician and widow of Kurt Cobain - she credits the Scientology-associated group Narconon in the liner notes of one of her CDs, her spokeswoman denies her involvement in Scientology.
* Charles Manson, serial killer who joined Scientology in prison before starting his own cult
* Christopher Masterson, actor
* Danny Masterson, actor, older brother of Christopher Masterson
* Lisa McPherson, died controversially while in the care of the Church of Scientology
* Peter Medak, director
* David Miscavige, head of Church of Scientology
* Van Morrison, singer, songwriter (later repudiated Scientology)
* Floyd Mutrux, writer, director and producer
* Haywood Nelson, actor
* Corin Nemec, actor
* Judy Norton, actress and musician
* Eduardo Palomo, actor, and his wife Carina, actress and musician
* Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis
* Priscilla Presley, actress
* Kelly Preston, actress and John Travolta's wife
* Leah Remini, actress
* Giovanni Ribisi, actor
* Marissa Ribisi, actress, wife of Beck Hansen, sister of Giovanni Ribisi.
* Michael D. Roberts, actor
* Mimi Rogers, actress
* Billy Sheehan, rock bassist
* Michelle Stafford, actress
* Sharon Stone, actress (reportedly now a convert to Buddhism)
* Patrick Swayze, actor
* Greta Van Susteren, host of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on FOX TV
* John Travolta, actor
* Edgar Winter, musician




SEVEN ways you can BOYCOTT the Church of Scientology

The Reed Slatkin fraud

What a nice 'Church'......

So, what is Scientology?

Parts borrowed from our Scientology critic website:

Please feel free to leave a comment with any other celebrities not mentioned above and I will be quick to update this post. Thanks!