Saturday, October 20, 2007

Scientology: The entire Bridge is being re-released

From Scientology 'Church' insider - "blownforgood"


Why? You ask. Because they are incorrect. Here are some good reasons why Dave thinks they should be redone.

GRADES – The grades are being stripped back to what they were when they were referred to as “quickie grades”. I kid you not. See someone somewhere revised the Grades in the late 80’s/early 90’s. See, you used to do a list of say 30 questions on the each grade. You would get asked these questions and somewhere along the line you would reach the EP and then you would be DONE. Next grade.

Well, if you did not reach the EP on the first 30 questions on the list, there were additional questions that could be assessed until you did reach the EP. Some people might go another 2 questions, some another 20. There were an additional 300 questions drawn up that could be assessed.

Whoever revised the Grades (probably on David Miscavige's orders) ADDED ALL 300 QUESTIONS to EACH level in order to attest. So, you would reach the EP at maybe 20 questions and then have to assess another 280 questions in order to complete. Along with shear boredom and frustration comes going to Review, no longer having F/N’s, and just weeks and weeks of useless questions that mean nothing and cause little or no reaction except for driving the person off of the Grades.

When Dave Miscavige re-releases the new streamlined Grades, I am sure he will work out a terrific spin on this on how countless hours were spent comparing LRH (L Ron Hubbard) originals to the new materials, countless numbers of pilots were done to ensure that the results were no less than perfect in every instance etc. The TRUTH IS that all DM was doing is taking off whatever arbitraries HE HIMSELF ordered added on when it was last revised.

This insane pattern will repeat itself for the rest of the entire Bridge and many new courses and releases that were completely wrong from the beginning.

Let’s list a few:

KEY TO LIFE or KTL – This course was doomed from day one. After being a Pilot Course for 20 years, it was NEVER correct. A few of the people compiling the course, had (believe it or not) had a misunderstood on the instruction LRH had laid out for putting the course together. He had mentioned having some sort of glossary or reference that a student could look up words in.

This “reference” became the ENTIRE COURSE for the most part. THIS WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE. Both SUE KOON and RAY MITHOFF were declared Suppressive Persons in 2000 for this exact screw up. The course is supposed to take 2 weeks not 2 years and it is supposed to be a few processes and a few clay table items and you are done. Instead it is the largest, longest course in all of Scientology and takes at least a year if you do it part time.

LIFE ORIENTATION COURSE or LOC – Same deal as KTL. The people compiling the course just could not figure out what LRH had intended. Anyone who has done this course will tell you that it seems weird. Whatever job or post you have, you “Hat in Life” will end up being, that is what you come up with as you hat in life. Since that whole part of the course is screwed up, the clay demo of your personal org board is just a waste of time and a primer for knowing how to clean clay out of all parts of your hands for many weeks.

L RUNDOWNS – I love to see Dave gets himself out of this one. The L rundowns are one of the, if not, THE most money making processes the church has. They are quick and they are expensive. They were also written by David Mayo. The materials that Auditors are trained to do these are still on BTB’s and are NOT WRITTEN BY LRH. Dave Mayo audited LRH on these and then wrote up what he did and left out what he thought did not work.

LRH NEVER READ WHAT DAVID MAYO WROTE. He never read anything that David wrote, he never side checked them, LRH told David Mayo to issue them and audit others on them and get them through the levels. To this day, these processes are one of the few that have gone on completely unchanged because there is an original writing that is completely intact and it is exactly as it has always been, unaltered and NOT LRH.

OT VII – This one is exactly the same as above – David Mayo wrote it. He audited LRH on this level and wrote it up. Trouble is that he did not really write up that much. This is where Dave Miscavige has come in and made the level much more than it was. He had people cull out all of the auditor skills and make drills for each of them and added this to the Level so that all auditors would at least have an area to concentrate on when doing the level. The level itself has not changed from what David Mayo wrote, it just has had an insane amount of Dave Miscavige drills added to it so that he can at least feel he tried to alter as much as possible and still not figure out a way to make it be from LRH in the end.

The list goes on and on and basically it covers ALL books, Courses, lectures, etc. As each item is modified or changed, all other materials that relate to it, cover similar ground or technology ALSO have to changed. This is why it will cover most all materials that get re-released, they all sort of refer to each other at some point.

We used to have a saying at the Int Base, “At least we have ONE STABLE DATUM that we can always count on – CHANGE!”

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