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Jett Travolta Was Taken Off The Medication That Was Preventing His Seizures

Scientology: Jett Travolta, John Travolta's son: Another Mysterious Scientology death
The Travolta's at one time had Jett on a medication called Depakote, which is mainly used for bi-polar disease. For some reason, they stopped using the Depakote and went back to Scientology's methods of Vitamins, deadly amounts of Niacin, exercise and hot sauna's. With Jett's dangerous grand mal seizures, he needed to be on real medication.

"Take the family's unchallenged assertion that he suffered from Kawasaki disease, an immunological syndrome which causes painful inflammation, after exposure to carpet-cleaning chemicals, and that he died after hitting his head after suffering a related seizure. At least one doctor disputes the notion, saying that there's no link between chemical exposure and Kawasaki disease and that it does not cause seizures.

Jett may have suffered instead from autism which went untreated, because of Travolta's adherence to the cult like religion of Scientology and the bizarre beliefs about mental illness that go with it."

"They say the Travoltas were concerned about possible physical damage. And, Jett went back to having around one seizure a week. So John Travolta and Kelly Preston, after consulting neurosurgeons, stopped administering the drug."

Who are these "neurosurgeons"? Why do I have a feeling that they are Scientologists?

Also, they say the only medication they were giving Jett at one time was Depakote. Depakote's primary use is for bi-polar disease, not seizures. A common drug given to people that prevent seizures is Phenobarbital, not Depakote.

According to this page -, there are A LOT of other options out there for people who have seizures. It's interesting to note that "Depakote" and "Vitamins & exercise" are not on the list.

Lies: John Travolta, Grieving and Deceiving

Conflict in Timeline of Events in Jett Travolta Death:

Scientology's stance on Psychiatry:
The "Church" of Scientology makes new members sign a type of contract making the member aware of the fact that using psychiatric medication of any kind is strictly forbidden. It also makes the member aware of consequences if these rules are broken. And by signing the contract it gives Scientology the right to speak on your behalf if you ever become hospitalized.

To view Scientology's legal waiver that it makes new members sign, click here. The actual contract can be viewed here.

Learn about other deaths caused by Scientology and their strict stance against the use of psychiatric medication:

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Learn about Scientology's violent stance against Psychiatry:

Learn about Scientology's strict practice of using vitamins and hot sauna's to treat every type of "problem with the mind". Instead of the Phenobarbital that was so badly needed for Jett Travolta, Scientology prescribes it's members deadly amounts of Niacin. Note: It's illegal for Scientology to practice medicine without a license -
View Google for more information

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John Travolta Refused To Help His Son
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How is all of this not child abuse?

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