Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tom Cruise Can't Move Forward In His Career Until He Denounces Scientology

It's not an organized boycott of the movie Valkyrie, even if it was, so what?

The idea is to get information out to people beforehand so they don't end up paying to see a movie that will directly fund a dangerous cult. That is the idea and goal. It is to educate people about Scientology & Tom Cruise and what their money could be going toward if they decide to buy a ticket.

Organized or not, get the word out.

All Scientologists and even critics must appreciate that this is Tom Cruise's big "come back attempt" to shine in the public as the Maverick that we all knew him once to be. He's making nice with all his old enemies, and only talking about Scientology when it doesn't have a chance of hurting his movie earnings.

It's important to remember in these attempted opportunities of rebirth as an actor in Hollywood, one more flop for Mr. Cruise could mean the end for him. He needs to denounce Scientology and all that it stands for immediately. Scientology breaks up friends & families, it destroys people's lives and in some cases even kills them.

These words are not written in vain, but written for people to understand the truth. Until Tom Cruise denounces all the evil that the "Church" of Scientology stands for..... you can only root for him to crash and burn.


Still Want To See The Movie Valkyrie?
See it, and enjoy it. Just make sure you buy the "right" movie tickets...... or, I guess it would be the "wrong" tickets Smile