Monday, December 26, 2005

Tigger wrote:
Well, I shall repeat...

You have picked the wrong target.

Remember what happened when Kevin Cosner's movie was made the target.......

Targeting the movie may and in all probability will, result in Tom Cruise making a bigger profit.

IMO, if you are going to boycott, i should be BOYCOTTTOMCRUISE.(whatever) and list the reasons why, which should not not be "beliefs" but "actions", including using his celebrity power to force movie directors and workers to tour Scientology centers and tents, attacking Brooke Shields and psychiatry, giving donations in the names of others WITHOUT THIER PERMISSION to COs, etc. and the "actions"/crimes of COS, which are numerous.


There, I did this in last 10 minutes............ I threw up some good stuff J. Swift said and quoted him on it and coppied a page from and what Glen said. I also gave him credit.

so..... there, I now own

Now we can all get along Smile

I got REAL work to do now........ no more scientology stuff for a few, it's not paying the bills-

I Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!!

Dodge and that scieno Private Investigator, Russell Andrews that tried to get me fired from my job aren't calling me back Sad
I was just wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
I don't think they like me, I could be wrong though. Maybe their christmas present to me just hasn't gotten here yet. You know how snail mail is.

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