Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Bridge movie is the NEW and first film about Scientology

The Bridge movie is a new film written and directed by Brett Hanover, starring first-time actress Carole Smith and local playwright Bill Baker. While produced on a shoestring budget, The Bridge is (amazingly) the first feature film about the controversial Church of Scientology. Written with the help of several ex-members, and incorporating actual Scientology materials, the film depicts life inside the organization - and the reason Dianne Wheat (Smith) wants out. This film is a free-media online release. Copyrighted material is included in accordance with the Fair Use doctrine. Brett Hanover is not responsible for the distribution or promotion of this film, and makes no claims as to its content. However, you may direct any comments or questions to

Brett's film covers important issues such as disconnection of family members, Suppressive Person Declares and the use of training routines and security checks.