Thursday, January 08, 2009

John Travolta Refused To Help His Son Jett - How Is This Not Child Abuse?

Scientology: How Is This Not Child Abuse?

The "Church" of Scientology does not recognize any psychiatric disorders whatsoever. The Travolta family is extremely strong believers in this "religion". John Travolta is OT8, the highest level in Scientology. Because of these strong beliefs, John and his wife (Scientologist) Kelly Preston, chose to not admit or treat their son Jett's reported autism.

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How Is All Of This Not Child Abuse?
I mean, seriously, how is this at least not child neglect? People are saying to give the grieving Travolta's a break. I say f*** that. If Jett would have been on the proper medication for his autism or epilepsy / seizures, NONE of this would have ever happened.

Currently, John Travolta and his wife,
Kelly Preston are being lead to believe that their son's death was from Xenu and his space cooties not cooperating with the Thetan. Well, now their son is dead and that is horrible.

All of this happened because of some made up ideology created by L. Ron Hubbard. He specialized as a
drunken, wife beating, lying con man criminal, not a war hero, science fiction writer from the 1950's.

Scientology Is Ruining Lives
People need to wake up and realize The "Church" of Scientology for ALL that it is. Scientology is destroying lives & families. Whether that happens with their disconnection policy, fair game policy, or with Scientology preventing a child from taking the necessary medication that they need for survival, Scientology is ruining lives.

Scientology's agreement with new members NOT to use psychiatric medication:
To view Scientology's legal waiver that it makes new members sign, click here. The actual contract can be viewed here.

It's time for the government to wake up and put an end to this evil cult that doesn't even have to pay taxes.

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