Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Supporting Will Smith directly funds Scientology

Supporting Will Smith directly funds Scientology

With the recent Scientology school bought and paid for by Will Smith, it has now become obvious that paying money to see anything done by Will Smith directly funds an evil and dangerous cult, know as Scientology.

Funding Scientology includes: Buying a ticket to his movie(s), renting any of his movies, buying memorabilia, buying DVDs or VHS of his movies, paying any money to anything that has Will Smith's name on it, etc.

His money becomes Scientology's money.

Think twice! The movie Hancock sucks anyway. If you have to see it, buy a ticket to another movie and sneak into that one. Send a message to Will Smith and anyone willing to work with this cult supporter that his actions will not be accepted.

Will Smith's New Village Academy a Scientology front group

Boycott Scientology!