Monday, August 13, 2007

Scientologist doctors

Since doctors prescribe psychiatric drugs - Are Scientologists allowed to be doctors?

Also, would a critic of Scientology feel more comfortable with a Scientologist doctor or a Scientologist with a critic doctor? AND - of course the people involved knew the others stance on each others beliefs and criticisms.

I know, as a critic, I would not feel comfortable with a Scientologist doctor seeing me 1 on 1 with them knowing my viewpoint on their 'religion'.

I think that if I was a doctor, I would not treat anyone different. It wouldn't matter if it was a Scientologist or a "baby raper" as Scientologist Jenna Elfman likes to say.

I've always had a viewpoint of "You can believe in whatever you want, but I have a right to educate people about the other sides to it."

Scientologists view me as someone stopping freedom of speech. That's funny actually because they are the ones who restrict freedom of speech. Noted in my recent Blog posting:

No freedom of speech in Scientology.

Just some thoughts from today.

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