Sunday, July 15, 2007

Definition of Scientology: According to Urban Dictionary

I saw this and thought it was funny. The first 35 definitions I read are nothing the "church" of Scientology would want you to see. I didn't get any farther than that.

It's funny Scientology's lawyers or at least "workers" haven't tried to do something about this.

I've seen them manipulate national viewer polls on Internet articles before and since this is user contributed, why can't they do anything about this one?

Fun fact about

  1.'s "Scientology" definition page shows up top 20 on Google for searches, "what is scientology?" and "Scientology".

  2. is ranked 1,361 (of all the billions and billions of websites out there) according to

  3. targets people under 30 and especially teens. Scientology targets people under 30 and especially teens.

SCORE: 1 Scientology 0

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