Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tom Cruise threatening to sue medical Marijuana

Tom Cruise isn't getting any giggles from a new strain of medical marijuana being marketed as "Tom Cruise Purple."

Word is that the actor's Scientology lawyers are taking a serious look at the strong brand of bud after we brought it to their attention.

One of Cruise's friends found it "outrageous" that licensed cannabis clubs in Northern California are selling vials of pot featuring a picture of Tom Cruise laughing hysterically.

Like other followers of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, Cruise is opposed to the use of psychotropic drugs.

Staffers at several California clinics we called said they were forbidden to discuss any of the herbal varieties in their "inventory."

But one weed devotee said, "I heard it's the kind of pot that makes you hallucinate."

Meanwhile, a woman who has been identified as Cruise's former alternative-medicine consultant is due to stand trial in L.A. Superior Court on April 17.

A spokesman for the L.A. City Attorney's office tells us Feline Butcher - aka Feline Kondula - has been charged with 18 counts of unlawfully practicing medicine and one count of grand theft.

The charges stem from Butcher's treatment of Clive McLean, a cancer patient who died in 2005.

McLean's widow, Erica McLean, tells us that Butcher, who's a Scientologist, and another unlicensed practitioner encouraged her husband to abandon chemotherapy in favor of a regimen of "vitamins and 'magic drops.'"

Erica McLean, who was assisted by private investigator Paul Barresi, claims that the couple paid close to $120,000 on useless treatments.

Butcher has pleaded not guilty.

Additionally, Cruise is the unwitting star of a new spoof video in which he's seen cavorting with the bouncing head of Hubbard and dancing Scientologists like Kirstie Alley, Beck and John Travolta.

The video - which you can find at - mocks the controversial church's war with Internet critics, who've come to be known as Anonymous.

A representative for Cruise declined to comment on the video and the "purple" pot, but insisted that Butcher "was not his adviser. He has nothing to do with her."


The guys and gals at sent me a link to a great parody they did about all of this:

TOM CRUISE PURPLE (as reported by the NY Daily News)

Generic name: xenujuana


Medical marijuana sold in vials featuring a picture of Tom Cruise laughing hysterically. Also known as most every picture taken of Tom Cruise. Distributed by licensed cannabis clubs in Northern California.


An antiemetic for the treatment of nausea and anorexia associated with treatments for cancer, AIDS, and hepatitis. Tom Cruise Purple also treats people who demonstrate signs of normalcy and turns them into laughing loons.


Enough to make patients speak solely in unintelligible acronyms.


God complex; alien worship; couch-jumping; bowl haircut that spreads to rest of family; cackling; loss of respect; aversion to psychiatry; homophobia; sudden ability to be only person who can help with accidents and control forces of nature.