Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clarification to the Media from Anonymous

In the current battle of Anonymous vs Scientology, this is another video that has just been released. Enjoy!

It has come to the attention of Anonymous that there are a number of you out there who do not clearly understand what we are or why we have undertaken our present course of action. Contrary to the assumptions of the media, Anonymous is not "a group of super hackers". Anonymous is a collective of individuals united by an awareness that someone must do the right thing, that someone must bring light to the darkness, that someone must open the eyes of a public that has slumbered for far too long. Among our numbers you will find individuals from all walks of life - lawyers, parents, IT professionals, members of law enforcement, college students, veterinary technicians and more. Anonymous is everyone and everywhere. We have no leaders, no single entity directing us - only the collective outrage of individuals, guiding our hand in the current efforts to bring awareness.We want you to be aware of the very real dangers of Scientology. We want you to know about the gross human rights violations committed by this cult. We want you to know about Lisa McPhearson. We want you to know about former members of Scientology's private navy, SeaOrg, who were forced to have abortions so that they could continue in service to the church. We want you to know about Scientology's use of child labor and their gulags. We want you to know about Operation Freakout and Paulette Cooper. We want you to know about Operation Snow White and Scientology's efforts to infiltrate the government of the United States of America.We want you to know about all of these things that have been swept under the rug for far too long. The information is out there. It is yours for the taking. Arm yourself with knowledge. Be very wary of the 10th of February. Anonymous invites you to join us in an act of solidarity. Anonymous invites you to take up the banner of free speech, of human rights, of family and freedom. Join us in protest outside of Scientology centers world wide. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We will be heard. Expect us.

Message from Scientology to Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, we are The Regime.

Your attacks on Scientology have not gone unnoticed, we have the money, resources and tools to put an end to your SP behaviour and so called hacking activities. You have soiled the good name of LRH and now it is you that have *our* attention.

We are hackers of the higest degree, and we fight the good fight not just for now but for eternity. The next trillions of years are at stake, so you have been declared fair game.

We have your IP addresses, your docs and your secret plans. We own your 711chan, your IRC and we are taking care of your raid forums.

Call off your attacks on our religion immediately or 4chan, ytmd, Something Awful and your other bases will be brought to ruin.

Do not underestimate us.

You are out of your league.

From Anonymous on ARS:

It should be noted that shortly after this video was posted, the website for 'The Regime' was 'updated' by Anons with the personal contact details for the members of 'The Regime'. (redirects to another website after 30s or so)

Here is a screenshot if the the above link does not work: