Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Girl commits suicide after doing bad on Scientology given personality test

I remember when I went to a local Scientology Org as a joke a few years back, I had in advance filled out a personality test which had all the right answers. I got the correct answers to the test off the Internet somewhere. I made sure to miss at least one or two questions on purpose. Well, when I was at the 'Church' going over my test, with my one or two questions out of a hundred wrong, they were extremely critical of me and my personality test. Why were they so critical.... it's all a ploy to sell shit. That's the reason. Hey buddy, you are really messed up, (no matter how well you scored) buy a bunch of shit.

'Church' of Scientology = MLM business.

NICE, France, April 16 (UPI) --
The daughter of a Norwegian politician killed herself after she received negative results on a personality test by the Church of Scientology, officials said.

Kaja Ballo, daughter of Norwegian politician Olav Ballo, took a personality test administered by a Scientology center in Nice, France, Aftenposten said Wednesday.

Family and friends described the 20-year-old in a generally good mood until Friday, March 28, when she "changed" after reading the results from the test.

She took her own life hours later.

A Scientology spokesman called the allegations "deeply unfair" and pointed to an eating disorder and other psychological issues she experienced in her early teens.

Critics say the break-you-down-build-you-up recruitment tool of Scientologists is controversial.

From the owner of who lives in Norway:

The media coverage on this in Norway has been unprecedented for any event ever related to CoS. I was on the phone or in studio all day yesterday to help explain what has happened. Had to fly to Oslo to attend several live TV debates. I seriously doubt there is one person left in Norway who has not learned about this tragedy by now.

I can't list them all, but some of the press coverage and a few pictures are linked here:

You can see a picture series of the head of CoS in Norway, Matthias Fosse and me here (taken at TV studio between debates yesterday):

This is very high profile and the media is working overtime to cover this! The direct connection to the Church of Scientology is unusually clear and her father is a very high profiled and influential
politician in Norway. He has been in the Norwegian Parliament since 1997, he studied medicine at University of W├╝rzburg, and has been a doctor. He is a member of the Standing Committee on Justice (!) and the Vice President of the Odelsting (the "lower house" in the Parliament). The Norwegian Minister of Finance and many others attended Kaja's funeral. At the service the priest made a clear and special effort to link her death to the Church of Scientology.

The family has asked that this tragic story is debated publicly and friends of Kaja have been told they should become critics of the Church of Scientology. This is not going away. The close family has said they trust the French police and are awaiting the result of their investigation.

I hope the May 10 picket in Oslo will be an event respectful of her memory and something Norwegians will remember a long time.

I'll try to keep you updated.

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