Friday, February 22, 2008

Anonymous~ "Did Scientologists kill critic of Scientology Shawn Lonsdale?"

Dear Church of Scientology,

We anonymous, believe that Shawn Lonsdale could have been killed by your church for proving to be a thorn in its side.

Though we do not have the evidence nor the right to accuse you, we believe that the allegation should be put under a microscope and examined on a micro level.

Shawn Lonsdale was in the middle of exposing your cult in a documentary when he was killed. They have labeled this a suicide, however, according to Randy Payne, Shawn had no reason to want to die, and was doing well. Why are there videos of your church members assaulting him in public? Why would he kill himself in such a strange manner? Why would he die so mysteriously while in the process of exposing your church? These are the questions that need to be asked. These are the issues that need to be investigated.

The church of Scientology must be stopped and the people who follow it must realize that they too are victims and escape the cult like pyramid scheme while they have the chance.

Besides the fact that your church is based on a fictional book and that L Ron Hubbard has openly stated that if he wanted to be rich he would create a religion, there continues to be actions that your church members have been taking that are alarming and must be looked into.

Anonymous has chosen to place itself at the forefront of avenging the death of Shawn Lonsdale. Simply by continuing it's protests and making the public aware of the dark and sinister cult that is slowly growing behind their backs while they sleep.

They will be awakened. People will learn what is Scientology.

Anonymous will not stop until the Church of Scientology has been expunged. They are not only made up of victimized individuals coerced by manipulation, they are controlled by bigots and greedy fascists with an agenda to profit off of the ignorance of others.

Anonymous will strike until the nine thousandth nail has been driven into the heart and soul of this evil enterprise.

Anonymous is legion. Anonymous can not be stopped because we are invisible, yet unbreakable. We represent the victims. We represent the army of the public and the voice of everyone. We are the result of your actions. We are the consequence of past mistakes, and we will not
live to see another catastrophic one take place in front of us, due to the poor decision making of your followers. your church is the whore that rides of the shoulders of evil. You are the enemy. Your followers are the victims. You will be stopped and your church will fall.

We do not forgive. we do not forget.

We are legion.

Tribute video for Shawn Lonsdale:

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Did Scientologists kill Shawn Lonsdale?

Anonymous seems to think so......

Did Scientologist Tommy Davis have something to do with the death of Shawn Lonsdale?

A Scientologist physically assaults Shawn Lonsdale:

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How does somebody like Shawn Lonsdale:

1. Get threatened on video tape with harm?

2. Get assaulted on video tape?

3. Get death threats?

4. Die in a manner that could, as reported, easily have been homicide?

5. Have that death ruled a suicide within 24 hours?

Was Shawn Lonsdale killed by the "Church" of Scientology?

Please email with any news to add on this topic or anything else Scientology related. You can and will remain anonymous.