Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Everyone should join Scientology. I personally think you are really stupid if you don't. Why don't people just give Dianetics a chance? I mean, L. Ron Hubbard was a great man. Besides being a huge war hero, a great father, he also never used drugs.

People that give Scientology a chance are awesome. We can save the planet. Everyone needs to stop taking their necessary medication and start taking large amounts of niacin and hot saunas. It is up to us to save this planet! Stories in Time Magazine, Rolling Stone and even South Park have it all wrong. We are right, they are wrong, it's that simple.

I'm so tired of people saying scientology lies and is full of hate. Sites like and have it all backwords. Some day when these ex-scientologist want to rejoin, they'll learn they can't for atleast a billion years. HA! That'll teach them.

Who cares if scientology has killed a few people, and many people have lost all their money to it, that's what happens with religions, duh! If you're not prepared to lose your family and friends over a 1950's science fiction writers beliefs, then it's time to maybe think about joining a bowling league or something. Hail Xenu!


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