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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What is Scientology?

Tom Cruise is a member of Scientology. Scientology is a cult that tries to present itself to people as a normal, everyday religion. This could only be farther from the truth.

This religion is based around the belief system that an alien, XENU, millions of years ago took control of all the trillions of souls on 76 planets. He then implanted them with false memories. According to this belief system, there are a few thousand clusters of these confused souls now in all of our heads. The Church of Scientology has cleverly figured out a way to get rid of these souls. You can pay them a lot of money.

People who do not devote their lives to Scientology are considered to be bad, and Scientology members are told that they should stay far away from them. Thus, Scientologists become isolated from their friends and their families. This is a brainwashing, isolating cult.

Tom Cruise and an estimated 8 to 15 million people* belong to this cult. According to Scientology, you must give them all of your money, get rid of all your friends and family who are not also in Scientology and you must work to recruit other humans to become Scientology members. The humans you recruit form a pyramid beneath you. The more humans you recruit to this cult, the more auditing sessions you will receive for free. Auditing sessions produce a drug like feeling from the equipment and vitamins that are used. You can also purchase auditing sessions for around $1,500 an hour. Auditing sessions get you to higher levels in the cult. The highest level in Scientology currently is OT 8.

This cult/religion that Tom Cruise believes in, was created by L. Ron Hubbard back in the early 50's. He believed the way to become a millionaire was to create a religion. So, that is exactly what he did.

I wish I was making this up.........
75 million years ago there was an evil galactic overlord named Xenu
who ruled over 76 planets including earth (then called Teegeeack)

Due to overpopulation, Xenu decided to gather up the 13.5 trillion
people on these planets and send them into volcanoes on earth
off the Canary and Hawaiian Islands. He then dropped H-bombs and killed
the aliens.

Xenu trapped the souls of these aliens and implanted them with the false
reality that we live in. So each person on earth holds about 2,000 alien
souls that can only be released if you are a scientologist. So you pay
lots of money to learn a bunch of self-help mind over matter tricks. In Scientology you are brainwashed into believing an un-true history, and you are promised an
unattainable reward. Scientologist believe that once you have reached
the upper levels of "OT" you can fly around and move things with your mind
and do all sorts of fun stuff.

This cult Scientology was all created by the warped mind of it's inventor, L. Ron Hubbard.

Don't believe it? Read L. Ron Hubbard's own hand writing and a breakdown of the writing with explanation.

Here is an interview with L. Ron Hubbards own son
If everyone could all just read this article once, Scientology would no longer exists.

Sign the Petition to revoke Tom Cruises American

Sign the Petition to have The Church of Scientology tax-exemption status
- A tribute to the warped mind of L. Ron Hubbard

Stop Scientology! What is Scientology?

Stop Scientology! Stop Tom Cruise from promoting this evil fake religion!


Stop Scientology said...

Scientology Sucks!!

Stop Scientology!

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