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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Peaceful protester assaulted by a Scientologist

A man filming a documentary outside the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida was attacked and assaulted by a Scientologist. Michael Fitzgerald was caught on camera attacking peaceful protestor Shawn Lonsdale who was there in Clearwater filming a documentary on The Church of Scientology. Fellow Scientologists were quick to come to the aid of Michael Fitzgerald by lying to cops saying Shawn Lonsdale was the one who attacked and assaulted Fitzgerald. Non Scientologist and the video that Shawn was shooting proved otherwise. Scientologist Michael Fitzgerald was then taken to jail and released on bail.

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Proflex aka Shawn Lonsdale, peaceful protester, attacked / assualted

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NetSkrill said...

I just made a webpage for Proflex/Girvin and the assault on him by a
Scientologist. I used the info from the Bay9 story, the story on
Lermanet, some info from OCMB, Proflex's story from that day and the
YTMND that was made.

I just submitted the link to If you don't know how
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