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Monday, September 10, 2007

2008 candidates supporting Scientology based tax proposal

John McCain, Fred Thompson, as well as second-tier presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee, are all in favor of the Fair Tax proposal. For those of you who aren't aware of what the Fair Tax policy is (like I wasn't) let me briefly explain with a short history lesson on The Church of Scientology.

Way back in the day, a man named L. Ron Hubbard wanted his group, The Church of Scientology, to be declared a religion. The IRS would not grant him that status and thus began an decades long war between Scientology and the Internal Revenue Service. This war even included Scientology breaking into IRS offices to steal documents and hiring private investigators to obtain personal information of individual IRS employees. This war led to the eventual creation of a Scientology off-shoot organization called, Citizens for an Alternative Tax System. They proposed a national retail sales tax that would replace the Federal Income Tax and make the IRS useless. This new Fair Tax proposal idea is almost identical to Scientology's proposed NRST.

When Bruce Bartlett from CBS News Online questioned the similarities at a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, he immediately labeled a smear artist. Sounds like typical Scientology methods to me. I consider myself the kind of voter who looks at the issues and consider anyone candidate who buys into this regurgitated Hubbardistic tax plan a major issue.

What do you think?

Sign the petition to have The Church of Scientology tax-exemption status removed!

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Anonymous said...

First of all, Bruce Bartlett's rabble has been widely criticized. Claiming that FairTax would add 30% to prices is outrageous, as he knows, because much/all of this will be offset by reduced costs of business across sectors. His critique was amazingly simplistic for such an "illustrious" past. (But PAST it is.)

If you'd like to hear how FairTax began, here's a C-SPAN video (realplayer required).

Krepta said...

I am no fan of the Co$ or their tactics, but I am also no fan of the IRS. IMHO the IRS never should have existed in the first place. Why can't we have a simple, fair, flat tax across the country? The Income Tax Code is far too complex for me to understand, I never voted for any of it, where is my Taxation with Representation? I don't care who says something that is true and correct, even if I don't like them, as long as it's True and Correct. Even if Satan himself came up from Hell to tell us War is bad, I'd still think War is bad. I think we should get rid of Income Tax, put our Protective Trade Tariffs back in place like they Should have been all along, and give tax breaks only to those businesses that actually employ American Citizens, rather than offshore and outsource all our entire economic infrastructure.

I would be much happier if people had a choice of whether to pay the Federal government at all. If we feel they are not representing us, listening to us, working FOR us, we should be able to just NOT pay the jerks. Let the Federal Government sell bonds and stuff to pay for everything, run it like a business. Big business practically runs government anyway, right? So make it freakin official.

But don't take my word for anything, I'm an admitted idiot.