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Friday, September 07, 2007

THE END OF THE "CHURCH" OF SCIENTOLOGY IS UPON US - Get your Xenu dolls before they are all sold out!

The Church of Scientology in Belgian will be banned and shutdown. The twelve or more Scientologists involved will rightfully go to prison. Also, who knows how many others they'll bring down with them because as we all know, Scientologists are a bunch of huge pussies who would sell their own grandma for a bottle of Niacin and a Dianetics book.

Belgian Prosecutors have 10 years of investigating this. They have all the corrupt illegal activities all caught on audio/video and other information that will set a precedent for EVERY other Scientology "church". It's not too late to get out Scientologists, but run fast! 12 of your buddies are going to jail and possibly more.

As a side note:

While in Germany, crews working on a movie starring Scientology follower Tom Cruise were banned from filming at military sites due to the actor's membership in this criminal organization (Scientology).

Xenu Speed!


jenny said...

Hey Paul. Why don't you get a life? You can gloat about Belgium, but don't count your money yet. Scientology always prevails when it comes to legal cases.

L Ron Hubbard said...

Jenny is a Scientologist with Scientology Blogs. I let her post ANYTHING on my blogs. She moderates ALL her Blogs and will not let anyone post anything on her Blogs unless it talks about sucking L Ron Hubbard's cock or how 'NEATO' Scientology is.

That is free speech in Scientology. Jenny, you are the biggest hypocrite I know of, just like all your other little zombie followers.

You are a fool living in a fantasy world. Wake up and see that your actions contradict what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

$cientology hasn't always prevailed. They lost their decade long lawsuit against Time Magazine, they were convicted in France, Hubbard himself had many legal problems, he was banned from Briton, convicted in America, his wife was imprisoned, etc, etc...

No, Scientology has many legal problems, and they've lost many legal battles. Their legal problems in Belgium look very foreboding. I don't think they'll pull this one out. The Co$ has been in a continual slump, I think this is the beginning of the end for $cientolgoy. I'd get out while you still can Jenny.

L Ron Hubbard said...

Anonymous - I agree with you %100

It's a waste of time talking to Jenny. She has her Xenu ear muffs on and by the time she removes them she too could be in jail with all the others.

I pray for you Jenny, I sincerely do, and hope maybe one day (SOON) you wake up and get out while you still can.