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Monday, September 10, 2007

Scientology Star Stories - The full story of how Tom Cruise became Jesus Christ

Scientology Star Stories - Tom Cruise (Part 1/3)

Scientology Star Stories - Tom Cruise (Part 2/3)

Scientology Star Stories - Tom Cruise (Part 3/3)

Main Character: Tom Cruise

Supporting roles:
Nicole Kidman
Katie Holmes
John Travolta
Xenu The Galactic Overlord
Ewan McGregor
Emilio Estevez
Charlie Sheen
Stanley Kubrick
Demi Moore
Keither Sutherland
Patrick Swayze
Sam Neil
Opperation Snow White
Mimi Rogers
Kirsty Alley
Don Simpson
Daniel Day Lewis
Ron Howard
Penelope Cruz
Oprah Winfrey
Jennifer Lopez
Steven Spielberg
L Ron Hubbard
Ace Ventura

Thanks to the Galactic Confederation for making this all possible. Hail Xenu!

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