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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Scientology video, "Scientology does not let me go on vacations because I know too much", says Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise "Top Secret" Scientology Video

Tom Cruise crazy Scientology video According to a new Scientology video that was never supposed to reach the general public, Tom Cruise is quoted as saying that the 'Church' of Scientology does not let him go on vacation because he "knows" too much.

In what has been identified as a 2004 Scientology recruitment film, it is making the YouTube rounds. The clip, which was pulled from the video site but is still online, shows the star praising what he calls the "privilege" of being a Scientologist.

Coincidence or not, the Scientology sermon by Tom Cruise has hit the Web the same week that Princess Diana biographer Andrew Morton's controversial new book, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography , hits bookstores. (Cruise's rep has called Morton's book, which purports to shed light on Cruise's position in the Church of Scientology, a "false, vicious and bigoted attack" on the actor and his family.)

Watch Tom Cruise crazy as ever in this"for Scientology Only" video. This is a video Scientology definitely does not want you to see. It has been deleted and banned from Youtube, Google video and even sites like The videos are being removed from these sites with reasons stating, "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Church of Scientology International". This is likely the work of Scientology's lawyers.

Watch the Tom Cruise video that Scientology does not want you to see
Scientology Tom Cruise video available here for download and streaming


Formerly Fooled said...

Hi Paul! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you have Tom Cruise and his crazy scientology comments from the video up there :)

No vacation, heh? Funny thing because Cruise and Katie spent hours playing with the little commodoress over at FAO Schwartz Toy store on Fifth Ave. NYC the other day.,,20171590,00.html

I think he's becoming a bit of a spectator by his own definition, heh? LOL!!

Keep up the good wirk, PAul, and be well,

DEVO said...

It's the best piece of acting tom has done since acting with Brian Brown drinking over "Cocktails & Dreams." I have to say that after not paying much attention to Scientology and the Tom cruise epidemic, start watching video on how the members or supporters of Scientology react to being video taped. Body language and cross examination of the people under microscope make them all act the same. If you watch when Tom cruise is squirted with water during an interview he becomes a machine, he has nothing to really say he turns the attention toward the person giving the interview being an interrogational menace. All the people i have ever seen on film defending Scientology have this "lawyer complex," half of them speak very poorly and start asking "what are you afraid of?" "What crimes have you committed?" Its almost a subconscious reaction through years of brainwashing for the members to just spring to talking in circles, its as if they know they are not stating any facts or beliefs in the church but villanizing and passing judgment themselves in a very liberal and imposing nature. Watch some video on people from scientology and Tom Cruise its a textbook brainwashing. Its like when you are hung over and are trying to tell a story but you just can't land that "punch Line." Nobody ever makes a point, they just start pointing the finger and looking like a cross between Al Gore and a Mushroom Trip gone very..very wrong.

Anonymous said...

People who believe every story they hear about Tom, Katie, Suri or their church are the ones I'm afraid of.

Anonymous said...

We need a short simple few sentences to explain Scientology to the masses, I suggest:

I cult created by a psychotic science fiction writer who hated taking his lithium which was later revamped into a con game for celebrities and middle class people in order to relieve them of their money. It is based on aliens taking over the Earth, hatred of psychiatrists and intimidation. It is amazazing the US Government has not shut them down as they exceed every modern requirement for a "terrorists organization"

sweepstakes said...

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