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Monday, July 14, 2008

Info and Photos from the July 12th Protest of Scientology - Spy vs Sci


Anonymous said...

dude, THANK YOU! I hav a similar blog on wordpress.

Hail Xenu!

Anonymous said...

great blog ! googling some member names of scientology i stumbled on a forum where a book of a former prominent figure of scientology called ingo swann seems to attract much attention . The text sounds very strange and this is what worries me a bit . could this be an attempt to recrute people for scientology ? here is the link :

got no clue what this forum is all about . obviously it has to do with UFOs . but a lot of visitors , possibly easy to recrute ?

stophatespeech said...

"What is true is what is true for you. No one has any right to force data on you and command you to believe it or else. If it is not true for you, it isn't true. Think your own way through things, accept what is true for you, discard the rest. - L. Ron Hubbard, The Way to Happiness.