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Monday, October 29, 2007

Boycott The 'Church' of Scientology and ALL of it's celebrities!

Boycott the Church of Scientology!

Scientology is an evil cult that is destroying many people's lives. Tom Cruise is promoting this cult to young kids and adults all around the world. Major corporate companies are affiliated with the Church of Scientology as business fronts. This makes the church appear more legitimate than it really is. This is one of the many ways that they recruit new members to the church. I say boycott all celebrities and companies involved with Scientology.

A percentage of the money made by these celebrities and corporate institutions ends up in one of the many bank accounts held by the Church of Scientology.
Maybe we can't put the Church of Scientology out of business, but we can limit their spending on spreading its virus to others.

:: Here is a current list of celebrity Scientologists ::

* Kirstie Alley, actress
* Anne Archer, actress
* Jennifer Aspen, actress
* Jason Beghe, actor
* Catherine Bell, actress
* Karen Nelson Bell, producer, director and musician
* Karen Black, actress (later repudiated Scientology)
* Mary Bono, congresswoman
* Sonny Bono, artist and congressman
* William S. Burroughs, author, Beat Generation icon (later denounced Scientology)
* David Campbell, musician
* Nancy Cartwright, voiceover artist
* Kate Ceberano, actress and musician
* Erika Christensen, actress
* Chick Corea, musician
* Tom Cruise, actor - Made %23 of the money made fro MI3 - Boycott Mission Impossible III
* Dave Davies, musician
* Sky Dayton, founder and Chairman of the Board of EarthLink
* Jason Dohring, actor
* Jenna Elfman, actress, and her husband Bodhi, actor
* Werner Erhard, ex-Scientologist who founded est
* Michael Fairman, actor
* Beck Hansen, (Beck) musician
* Isaac Hayes, musician, actor
* Katie Holmes, actress
* Nicky Hopkins, musician
* L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology
* Mark Isham, musician
* Beck, musician
* Jim Johnson, owner of Mr. Jim's Pizza chain
* Joshua Klesel, former congressman
* Jason Lee, actor and professional skateboarder
* Geoffrey Lewis, actor
* Juliette Lewis, actress (daughter of Geoffrey)
* Peggy Lipton, actress
* Courtney Love, musician and widow of Kurt Cobain - she credits the Scientology-associated group Narconon in the liner notes of one of her CDs, her spokeswoman denies her involvement in Scientology.
* Charles Manson, serial killer who joined Scientology in prison before starting his own cult
* Christopher Masterson, actor
* Danny Masterson, actor, older brother of Christopher Masterson
* Lisa McPherson, died controversially while in the care of the Church of Scientology
* Peter Medak, director
* David Miscavige, head of Church of Scientology
* Van Morrison, singer, songwriter (later repudiated Scientology)
* Floyd Mutrux, writer, director and producer
* Haywood Nelson, actor
* Corin Nemec, actor
* Judy Norton, actress and musician
* Eduardo Palomo, actor, and his wife Carina, actress and musician
* Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis
* Priscilla Presley, actress
* Kelly Preston, actress and John Travolta's wife
* Leah Remini, actress
* Giovanni Ribisi, actor
* Marissa Ribisi, actress, wife of Beck Hansen, sister of Giovanni Ribisi.
* Michael D. Roberts, actor
* Mimi Rogers, actress
* Billy Sheehan, rock bassist
* Michelle Stafford, actress
* Sharon Stone, actress (reportedly now a convert to Buddhism)
* Patrick Swayze, actor
* Greta Van Susteren, host of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on FOX TV
* John Travolta, actor
* Edgar Winter, musician




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So, what is Scientology?

Parts borrowed from our Scientology critic website:

Please feel free to leave a comment with any other celebrities not mentioned above and I will be quick to update this post. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Take Nicky Hopkins off the list! he was used by them till his untimely end at only age 50. he only took a course for help with drinking because he was a party animal:) Then they kept him around but since he wasn't rolling in money they snubbed him as "down stat". Nicky is a rock and roll genius and they go around claiming him as a member when he just took a course and played a few sessions. How weird is it that Nicky Hopkins suddenly got a "step son" (huh? who knew?) who talked to the news when he died strangely from surgery complications? That step son is a guy named Tristan Buchanan. The guy was no "son" family wise but he is a Church executive in florida. he is son of a Scientology lifer woman who married Nicky just before he died. I read it today and looked it up wow

Anonymous said...

Most of the people who stay in are b.s. mediocre actors. Notice that writers and really smart people aren't tolerated well in the ranks. They may check it out and get pulled in by the ideals that are professed up front, then after a while soon realize there is something else not so loving and clean in the mix and they leave. Don't call them members. Sheesh! It feeds the Sceino stance to claim people as members. and invoice people for any talents they have, claiming they are responsible for it.

Rebecca said...

Nice blog and I agree with the spirit of this blog but Dave Davies is absolutely NOT a scientologist and NEVER has been. Please remove this libel. I guarantee you he is not associated with ANY cult in any way.