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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why are Scientology members so dumb?

Only in Scientology can you get away with being so dumb
Scientology is dumb
Could this be from a result or combination of a steady diet consisting of L Ron Hubbard, Dianetics books, overdosing on Niacin and hating Psychiatrists?

Case in point: I've been finding more and more of these idiotic type postings by Scientologists on the net. Enjoy signature 2217 on, Amanda.

"I'm a Scientologist and I'll tell you that this crazy story about Xenu is total crap. Some people in the press keep saying that this Xenu story is what Scientologists believe. This is such garbage and it's a story repeated over and over and is intended to keep people from looking into what Scientology actually is. So why would some in the media intentionally try and keep people away from Scientology you ask? Because most media is well paid by the pharmaceutical industry. They see Scientology as a threat to their profits because it is. Scientology has many, many answers that work and are practical. Let's look at 1 example of how the psychiatric drugging industry is hurt by Scientology technology... Let's assume you know someone who has been depressed for several months or even years. Did you know that with Scientology you can literally snap him out of his dark days and make him feel happy again, sometimes in less than five minutes. How could this be? Because Scientology helps and works like nothing else before it. There is no need to be on a psychiatric drug everyday for the rest of your life. This is just one of thousands of solutions Scientology has and it would take literally books to tell you all it has to offer and can do. Give a Scientologist just a few minutes of your time and you'll quickly realize what a sham psychiatry and the psychiatric drugging business is. It's OK to be skeptical about Scientology, but don't assume that what you've been told about it is actually true. Just ask yourself would all these celebrities be involved in it if didn't help them and others tremendously?WWW.WHATISSCIENTOLOGY.ORG"

This posting is fun reading and full of holes. The one thing I've never been able to understand is the whole stance by Scientologists, including such stars as Isaac Hayes, who like saying dumb things like "Xenu is made up by the media or people who don't want you to learn about Scientology". How hard is it to understand that Xenu is taught in OT3 and if you're not yet OT3 you have not learned this information yet?

Scientologists......... WAKE UP!!!

Who is Xenu?

Free Xenu!

Xenu information and OT3 Level in Scientology

Xenu FAQ

Scientology is dumb


Anonymous said...

The only dumbass here is you, Horner. You still believe in this alien story? Fascinating.

Formerly Fooled said...

Hey, Anon coward...... who do you think you are fooling?ROFLOL!!!
It's all over the internet. Here are a few of the many places where the doctrine is available.

Hubbard's own handwriting about Xenu and OT III:

OT III Course, summary and comments
ana many more places.....

Anonymous said...

we will bring scientology to and and ether by pen or by sword. it will be stoped

we do no forgive
we do not forget
we are anonymous

Anonymous said...

I simply don't understand how people can believe such nonsense ? LRH was at best and average and largely unimaginative science fiction writer. How can educated people follow some many ridiculous notions as they are presented by the COS. Religious belief is such a simple, fantastical and blind undertaking in general, but regardless, I am glad Canada does not recognize this crap as an official religion. Grow a brain eh ! Canada out !

Anonymous said...

Here is a great idea, how about we boycot every movie, product, event presented by these celebrity scientologist retards like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise, quick...grab your thetans are something quick..your wife and child are leaving your crazy clutches. Maybe you should call a psychiatrist to help you with your issues. If I was every in doubt about what kind of retard you I am sure...your too stupid to know when you have it good, that Katie seems to be a real sweetheart...good luck doll and keep your little girl away from these nutjobs.