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Monday, October 29, 2007

Petition to revoke Tom Cruises American citizenship

A little known Congressional act from 1843 states that "whereupon a petition is signed for the removal of an individual citizenship, and that petition contains no less than 50,000 signatures by registered citizens of the United States, the citizenship of the individual shall be removed and that citizen shall be escorted out of the country by military force no less than 24 hours after the last signature is verified."

Mr. Cruise is using his media attention to promote an evil cult, Scientology, to the American public. Scientology is a cult and it kills. He is using his fame to lure younger adults to this evil cult, and America will not sit back and take this. His weird behavior of lately and bashing of Brooke Shields on prescription drugs show America that he doesn't want to be here. He said he doesn't want to raise his kids in this country and I think we should help him out on leaving as soon as possible.

Tom Cruise, I think I speak for all decent-minded Americans when I say that you have wore out your welcome here, and now it's time to pack your shit (Pack your shit, LOL! - get it).

Click here to sign the petition to revoke Tom Cruises American citizenship
(Almost 4,000 unique signatures and climbing)

1 comment:

The Scottienda said...

He doesn't need a nationality... he's just waiting for the spaceships to come. :)