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Friday, August 10, 2007

Scientology promotes freedom of speech but NEVER practices it

There is not one pro Scientology blog or forum that has it's comment section unmoderated. Not one pro Scientology blog or forum will let you talk about anything remotely critical to the "religion". Scientology call this Entheta. They will not let you discuss anything critical to L Ron Hubbard or speak of Xenu who is the focus of topic in OT3 (The Wall of Fire) and the main belief of Scientology's upper levels and the sole reason for auditing.

There is a Scientologist named Jenny that posts comments on all my blog postings. Notice how she is able to voice her opinion and promote Dianetic books. Then notice how ALL of Jenny's blogs have the comments ALL moderated. She will not let you post anything that does not speak %100 positively about Scientology. She blocks ALL comments that question anything about Scientology or it's belief system. This is common with ALL Scientologists. They refuse to see the other side. They also know if they see anything that speaks of the other side to Scientology they risk getting a sec check or being sent to the RPF.

Scientologists such as Jenny promote freedom of speech but NEVER practice it. Jenny asks me why I won't talk to her in her blog postings to me. How can I? She doesn't let you post comments. She leaves no contact info such as email or phone number.

Well Jenny, you can post away on my blog and to you and anyone else, here is my contact info just as I have always posted it:
Phone Number# 1-512-934-3300


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